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Who We Are

Local neighbors and community groups join together and "adopt" parks, holding workdays to improve them. Adopters can do a variety of activities, including planting trees and flowers, trash collection, and trail maintenance. The list of activities Park Adopters choose is limited only by the parks needs and volunteers' interests. City staff help develop goals and activities, and provide publicity, plant materials, and tools if needed.

Typical events include planting flowers, removing trash, placing woodchips around trees, and mulching flowerbeds.  Other possibilities include removal of invasive shrubs and weeds, planting trees, or installing a rain garden.  The only limits to the list of activities you can choose from are the park's needs and your interests.

What We Do

The Adopt-A-Park Program is a collaborative effort between Ann Arbor residents and city government to improve our parks with the goal of increasing care and management of our parks while building community. 

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