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Michigan Ability Partners

Who We Are


The Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) Program focuses on securing and maintaining permanent housing for Veterans who are currently homeless or would be homeless without this assistance. It provides temporary financial assistance and supportive services to help individual veterans and veterans with families gain housing stability. The goal is to resolve the housing crisis quickly; reestablishing the veteran’s ability to be self-sufficient in providing for their family’s housing.

MAP transitional housing program serves veterans referred by the Ann Arbor Veterans Health Systems who are homeless and experiencing significant barriers to obtaining permanent housing. These vulnerable veterans receive up to two years of transitional housing and support services from a case manager who specializes in the unique needs of veterans. Each veteran develops an individualized housing plan that focuses on accomplishing objectives needed to move into on-going stable housing.

Job Development

Our placement services assist individuals in matching interests and abilities to opportunities in the local job market.  MAP provides job search training, resume building assistance, simulated interview experience, and development of permanent placement opportunities.

Job Coaching

MAP job coaching services provide vocational assessments and/or assistance to participants transitioning into competitive employment.  Coaches offer assistance with on-the-job training, accommodations, task completion and workplace integration.

Transitional Work Program

This program is designed to provide immediate, paid work experience to individuals while employers meet their business needs.  MAP is the employer of record and covers all employment insurance and payroll responsibilities.

Job Club

An opportunity for job seekers to learn about job openings, apply online, and practice interview skills.


MAP provides representative payee services and financial management assistance to those experiencing financial barriers.  Payee program goals include assisting clients with increasing money management skills, increasing financial stability, building and maintaining credit, and promoting self-sufficiency toward financial independence.

This is accomplished by taking a team approach with clients to establish a budget that provides for essential needs first and then prioritizes non-essential bills and outstanding debts.

We provide services to people with disabilities, senior citizens, Social Security or Veterans Administration benefit recipients, and other individuals at risk for homelessness.



What We Do

Michigan Ability Partners
Mission Statement
MAP partners with veterans and people who have disabilities in support
of their self-directed transformation 
to self-sufficiency.

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