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Nonprofit Enterprise at Work

Who We Are

NEW : Solutions for Nonprofits
We seek to improve the impact and performance of nonprofits by creating high-quality strategic solutions.

Since 1993, NEW has been helping nonprofits succeed by strengthening management and offering solutions to issues facing the nonprofit community. Today NEW and its partners provide educational, consultative and technological solutions to nonprofits across southeast Michigan, and beyond.


NEW was created to manage the NEW Center, a facility that provides affordable office space and shared office equipment for nonprofits. The McKinley Foundation and a diverse group of community members created the attractive and valuable community resource that replaced a junkyard at the northern end of Ann Arbor, and nonprofits immediately benefitted from lower overhead and on-site cooperation with other nonprofits.

Working with nonprofits throughout the community, NEW staff and leadership quickly saw that nonprofits could benefit from additional support and educational services and expanded its mission to provide a wide array of resources and solutions to nonprofits.

What We Do

NEW offers expert consultation, education, support and resources to ensure every phase of your organization’s operations is effectively geared toward achieving your mission. Whether you’re looking to develop a strong board, leverage new technology, better align your organization’s resources and vision, or find new ways to communicate with your constituents, NEW can help your organization find better, smarter, more efficient ways to do the things it needs to do.

Let us help your nonprofit organization reach the heights it aspires to. Learn more about the full range of NEW: Solutions for Nonprofits or begin by telling us about the biggest challenge your organization faces today.


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